Pistol Range


The Pistol range is divided into a bulls eye target range on the left (west) and a group of open bays on the right (east). A sign on the concrete retaining wall indicates the use of each range. The Pistol range is reserved for handgun, rimfire, muzzle loader and shotgun slug shooting and is handicapped accessible.

The bulls eye target range features nine bench rests (6 of which are covered) with target butts at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards. Shooters provide their own paper targets.

The east range consists of 5 open bays. This is where special events are held when scheduled. When a special event is not scheduled, it is for general target practice. One of the bays features a steel plate rack and another hosts a dueling tree.

The Magic City Action Shooters hold Action Pistol matches including USPSA, Steel Challenge, and Multi-gun at the Billings Rod & Gun Club. For additional information, visit them by clicking here

The Montana Territory Peacemakers hold Cowboy Action events at the Billings Rod & Gun Club – see their information here

Frank Odermann’s ZERO Victims course schedule can be found at zero-victims.com

Pat Goodale’s Practical Firearm Training course schedule can be found at www.pgpft.com


Rimfire silhouette and centerfire handgun silhouette events open to the public are held during the year. The first match of the year is the second Sunday in April at 9:00 for Rimfire, and 11:00 for Centerfire.

Entry fees for these events are:

Member Non-member
Rimfire Silhouette $3.00/gun $3.00/gun
Centerfire Handgun Silhouette $4.00/gun $4.00/gun