Guest Pass Policy

-Revised 11/20/2007

Members bringing in adult guests who are using the ranges must buy a guest day pass located inside the gate house at the front gate. Guests must sign in and be accompanied by a current member while on club grounds. The day pass should be completed by the member and the tear away portion given to the guest while they are on club grounds. The remaining portion and the $5 guest fee should be put in the envelope and the envelope put in the depository. The depository (mailbox) is located next to the gate house door.

Day passes are not required for non-members participating in events open to the public, youth through the age of 21 and guests not using the ranges.

Failure to pay $5 for each guest pass in advance at the main gate will increase the fee to $20 to be paid immediately. In addition, the violation will be reviewed by the Board for possible disciplinary action.

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