Archery Events

3darch2015 Archery dates

In Billings and Laurel:


 Date Event Site  Registration opens
 Feb 21  Archery Target Glueing Party  BRGC  9:00 am
 Feb 22  3D Shoot  Laurel
 Mar 22  3D Shoot  BRGC  7:30 am
 Apr 6  Field Target League begins – Monday eves  BRGC  6:00 pm
 Apr 12  3D Shoot  Laurel
 Apr 19  3D Shoot  BRGC  7:30 am
 May 3  3D Shoot  Laurel
 May 9  Range Work Party  BRGC  9:00 am
 May 17 3D Shoot  Laurel
 June 8-12  Archery Summer Camp for Kids  BRGC
 June 14  3D Shoot  Laurel
 July 12  Scheels 3D Shoot  BRGC  TBA
 July 13-17  Archery Summer Camp for Kids  BRGC
 July 18-19  Big Sky State Games  BRGC  7:30 am
 July 26  State 3D Shoot  Laurel
 Aug 2  Finally 3D Shoot – all MT Big Game  BRGC  7:30 am

Around the State and Country:

 Feb 28-March 1  Montana State Indoor Shoot  Kalispell  * see below
 June 6-7  Montana State Target Lewistown  * see below
 June 27-28  Montana State Field Tournament  Butte  * see below
 July 26  State 3D  Laurel  * see below
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